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Traffice Rules

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2014 3:54 pm
by rashadulalam2014
Walkers must cross at Zebra Crossing that too when the man signal was green in the signal. Should not stop after the stop line. Signal while you are going to turn. You can wave your hands wave left hand during left turn and right hand during right turn. You can use the light signal its better to use the hand signal during morning time that too during bright day light. If you halt at the signal you must wave the right hand that you cannot move still more in the right as the movement will take you to the opposite side of the road. If you are leaving the way to the vehicle which is overtaking you you must ensure that they can pass without any hurdles and you must show them by waving your hand if you allow them to move to your left then show them to move by waving your left hand in an oscillation manner if you want them to move to your right then show the signal to your right drivers are allowed to do others should not in big vehicles people in front can show because the driver cannot move to his left and show so the person in the left end aftaining the permission from the driver can show the signal.first it helps to maintain order on road so this would help 2 reduce traffic jams 2 sum extent it also helps prevent accidents. Also some rules are funny. For example in Hyderabad, the helmet for a motor cycle. When the average traffic speed in the city is not more than 15 kms per hour, why to where a helmet ?. Also either no foot paths or the foot paths will be occupied by business people or trees.In regards to demerity points, most states and provinces in North American have reciprocal agreements where points are accumulated on your driver's licence regardless of where a conviction is recorded. If you are from Ontario and get a ticket in NJ, or from Washington and get a ticket in British Columbia, you will propably find demerit points put on you home driver's licence. First, whatever jurisdiction the violation occurred in, is the only jurisdiction that can deal with it. You most certainly can write to the court office (address should be on the ticket), plead guilty, and ask to h
ave the fine reduced. Or, you can contact a lawyer where it happened and see what he can do for you. Depending on the local laws he might be able to act on your behalf without you there, but you would have to appear if it went to trial.Traffic rules commited outside Canada does not accumulate to the violations in Canada because the latter has no jurisdiction and could not even know if a violation by one while outside his country. Minor offenses are not usually reported to the country of origin of a person. you know more

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