Frontend Developer - 2018 - কোড বক্সারে ফ্রন্ড এন্ড ডেভেলপার প্রয়োজন

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Frontend Developer - 2018 - কোড বক্সারে ফ্রন্ড এন্ড ডেভেলপার প্রয়োজন

Post by admin » Thu Apr 26, 2018 10:58 am

Note1 : Please read before you apply, in most cases we get email with wrong subject

Note2: If you visit our website you will get every thing to know about us, don't apply without checking our website.

Job Title: Frontend Developer - 2018

Company Name: Codeboxr

Vacancy: 1

Salary: 15,000 BDT -20,000 BDT (based on your skill)

From: any time

Education: At least HSC

Office time: Winter: 10am-7pm, summer: 9am-6pm(current) - 1 hr lunch break included

Weekend: Friday-Saturday (Company can change this policy if needed)
Free lunch(complimentary - it means company can shutdown this service if in loss or not in good profit), tea, coffee

Location: Apartment 6H, Dilara Tower,77 Bir Uttam CR Dutta Road(Near eastern plaza), Dhaka 1205, Bangladesh.

Your Location: We prefer(or give more priority while hire) people who lives more near our office, it will help you to save hours everyday and you can use that time for learning and sleep.

Bonus: Two festival bonus, half of salary(based on your first month salary of january or the first month you join) in each festival. You need to pass at least 6 months to be eligible for the bonus. We assume the two festival bonus is your 12 months efforts together.

Increment: Based on your performance, maximum 5 thousand per year, if you are exceptional we will take care that also.

Minimum skill to apply:

- css3, less, sass
- html5
- bootstrap or such css framwork
- basic photoshop skill so that you can extract images from psd file
- themeforest standard html and css coding skill
- basic knowledge in javascript and capability of using jquery plugin
- you know how fontawesome or other such font icon library works and you can use
- you can start working on any project after join without asking help

Good to have skills
- gulp, webpack
- you ear eager to learn and you study at home regularly
- advance wordpress user(we don't need wordpress based programming skill but you need to be good user of wordpress) who can create website using wordpress without touching a single line of code, who can use wordpress pagebuilders and install plugin from wordpress plugin dir.
- smart enough to learn new things independly
- you have previous experience of job

How to apply:

Please send your resume to with exact subject(please don't add extra word to email subject as we filter email using subject)

" Frontend Developer - 2018"

Please mention your experience details or work sample links in email body. Write about yourself and how much time you study everyday on avg.

Note 3: any kind of other terms and other policies will be disclosed before employment as written and you will need to sign the agreement at least for 2 years. We expect long term relation. If you have frequent job switching tendency please don't apply.

Note 4: We didn't mention years of experience in requirement as years of experience doesn't judge your actual skill. If you think the salary we are offering is ok with you and you have the minimal skills we mentioned apply with example of your previous work, if you have no job experience before we don't care while you have the mentioned skill and you can prove it. If the salary is not enough for you that means this job is not for you.
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